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Construction of  your log home


Watching your dream take shape and become a reality is the best part of the process and one of the most important.  Some dventurous customers want to build their  own log home and for those clients, CDLH offers a Construction Manual that covers every aspect of the actual construction of our package.  We must  salute those pioneers who have tackled and completed this process.  


Most customers will wish to seek at least some professional experienced carpenters and most will hire  a builder/contractor to put the home "Under Roof,  and  a few will hire  a general contractor to complete the log home  "Turnkey".  


 Both Cedar Direct International, Inc. and Ideal Logs, LLC recommend the use of a 3rd party inspection company to evaluate the progress and quality of the work being done before paying the draws on your construction contract.If you are using a financial institution, the bank will automatically supply this service to ensure that the work is being completed according to your contract.Even if you are not using financing, it is still a good idea to follow this process. you should use a construction draw schedule that is signed by all involved parties.


Ideal Logs, LLC  can supply you with a list of builders that have expressed interest in building or have built log homes.This list is just a starting place for you in choosing your contractor. Ideal Logs, LLc  is not responsible for the construction of your home and is not recommending that you use only the builders on this list.We recommend that you check references of each contractor or sub-contractor before deciding on your builder/contractor.  Be sure to ask any potential builder/contractor about any licenses and insurance policies and make sure they are in effect and up to date before signing.

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