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​The Adventure Continues…

Designing your log home

At Cedar Direct Log Homes, we turn your dreams into reality and we believe your log home should reflect your dream, not a carbon copy of someone else’s. That’s why we offer state of the art computerized custom log home blueprinting and drafting for both the Preliminary and the Final Construction Blueprints free with the purchase of one of our complete log home packages.  There is no additional charge for custom design! 

After the initial design meeting to finalize decisions regarding your Preliminary Blueprints, you can expect to have your Preliminary Blueprints in 10 days to 2 weeks.  For your convenience, these Preliminary Blueprints are presented to you in PDF format so that are easily emailed to you and to any contractors who are preparing material and labor quotes for your home.  Only one set of Preliminary Blueprints are included with the purchase of your custom log home package.  If you request an additional set of Preliminary Blueprints, there will be an additional charge based on the complexity of the design and the square footage of the home.  However, this will require an additional 2 weeks to draw.  Once you have had a chance to fully review these plans and make any and all changes you want to make, you will need to sign off on these plans so that we can turn them into Final Construction Blueprints.  Final window and door choices need to be also made prior to production of the Final Construction Blueprints. Preliminary Blueprints include the following pages:

1.  First Floor Plan with dimensions and details
2. Second Floor Plan with dimensions and details
3. All four (4) elevations
4. Rough Opening Schedule for windows and doors showing the size of  all windows and doors as drawn
5. Basement/Garage plan

Final Construction Blueprints are approximately 2’ x 3’ in size, but may vary due to the square footage of the house.  Final Construction Blueprints contain the following pages:

1. Rough Opening Schedule for Windows and Doors
2. First Floor Plan
3. Second Floor Plan
4. Basement Plan
5. Front Elevation
6. Right Elevation
7. Left Elevation
8. Rear Elevation
9. Longitudinal Section
10. Foundation Plan
11. First Floor Joist Plan
12. Second Floor Joist Plan
13. Roof Rafter Plan
14. General Construction Details
15. Construction Details for Stairs and Decks


Bring us photos of the log homes you love or even a rough sketch of your plan and let us transform your ideas and dreams into a working set of blueprints.  Envision your dream log home today!

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