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What is included in the Log Home Package?  

  • What is included in the LOG HOME PACKAGE OR KIT?

When researching log homes, you will quickly discover that no two log home companies include the same components in their log home package.  This makes it very difficult to compare one log home package to another, but the really important thing is the total cost of the completed  home.  Cedar Direct has taken a much simplier approach to this problem and rather than focus on the log package price, we like to talk about and provide our customers with a total construction estimate to build your cedar log home once the final blueprints are completed.


  • Log Home Packages vs. Log Cabin Kits

Let's first tackle the difference between log home packages and log cabin kits.  There is no difference between the two.  Some companies put together components for you log home and call them packages while the same materials could be called a kit by another company.  Kit or Package, Log Home or Log Cabin, it's all the same.


  • Why Do Some Companies Include Windows and Others Do Not?

Some log home companies simply sell logs for your new home; others guarantee everything to put the home "under roof", while others include everything from kitchen cabinets, door handles, and interior doors.  There is a big gap there between what is offered in a "kit".  So, what's the best way to go?  Our choice at Cedar Direct is to provide all of the materials we manufacture or ones that are manufactured to our specifications and the typical consumer could not obtain from the big box lumber yards.  We do not include items like windows and doors in our log home packages as we do not manufacture these items.  We would much prefer to establish a relationship with a major window supplier like Pella and refer our customers directly to a local representative and pass on the volume savings directly to our customers.  Otherwise, we would purchase those same windows, establish a profit margin, and then sell them to you for a higher price.  Why not go directly to the window manufacturer and purchase your windows with no middle-man and receive factory direct customer service if any issues arise.  In addition, due to the relationships Cedar Direct has established with many suppliers, our customers receive General Contractor pricing.  This is a better alternative in which you save middle-man profits, have the ability to purchase exactly what you want for your home, and receive factory direct customer service.


  • Log Home Package Pricing...

       Can't I just multiply the kit by 3 and have the final cost for the home?

Many log home companies will tell you to use a multiplier to establish the final construction cost of your log home.  They will say multiply the package price by 2 or 3 and that will be the final cost of your home.  This methodology does not work because each home is unique and requires more effort to arrive at a construction cost for the home.  CDI prefers to use a square footage estimate in calculating the estimated cost for construction.  Our cedar log homes range from $150 to $250 per square foot to construct.  That estimate would include ALL components of the home down to flooring, appliances, and kitchen cabinets.  The larger the home, typically, the less the home costs to build per square foot.  How can that be?  Well, there are certain costs associated with each home.  Let's use a zero-clearance fireplace as an

example.  The same fireplace will most likely be used in the 1,000 square foot home as the 2,000 square foot home.  If that item costs $5,000, that amount will affect the price of the smaller home much more than the larger home.   As a result, the larger the home, the less you will pay per square foot.  Other factors affecting the overall cost of the home would include items like decks and porches.  Those are not calculated in the square footage of the home, but they are certainly a component of the log home.  This is of course merely an estimate and is very much dependant on the personal choices made by the individual for the finshed product.


  • What's Included In The Cedar Direct Log Home Package?

For a complete list of materials included in our Log Home Package, please refer to our Standard Materials List page.  CDI includes all of the specialty components needed to construct your log home.  We include the log wall system and all of the specialty items needed for the log wall construction, exposed beam 2nd floor system, exposed beam roof system with Energy Star rated insulation panels with fasteners, design services and CAD blueprints, construction manual and on-site assistance if required, and cedar tongue & groove to cover ALL of your interior partition walls.  This is important because many cedar log home companies will offer Pine for the interior walls as this is a cheaper item for them to include.  CDI is a solid cedar log home company that proudly supplies Northern White Cedar standard for our 2nd floor, roof system, porch roof system, decking, and interior wall covering.  This will assist you in a higher appraisal value as appraisers deem our log homes solid cedar homes rather than just a typical log home.  This will increase your investment from the day it is completed.  Building a log home can be a wonderful experience with the proper resources.  Let us guide you through each phase of constructing your cedar log home.  Don't let packages and kits confuse you.  We can help make this a smooth and easy process.  Call and speak with a representative today and find answers to all of our log home questions.  







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