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Begin the Adventure…

Planning your log home

  • Designing and building a cedar log home is one of the exciting and rewarding experiences of your lifetime.  Cedar log homes are equally suitable for a vacation home, a primary residence, a mountain home, a beach home, a retirement home, or even a starter home.  This is also one of the most important financial investments that you will ever make.  Whether you want to build a cozy week end retreat or a luxury estate, Cedar Direct will be there to help you each step of the way.  We can even help you design an addition for your existing log home.  Each home is individually designed to fit your lifestyle, your taste, your family’s individual needs, and most importantly your budget.  We start with your list of “must haves”, add in your design ideas, and mix well with your budgetary concerns to create your masterpiece. 

  • In the design phase, you will work closely with our team to develop a design concept and establish a square footage size that fits your budget.   We can design a log home according to your specifications or you can start with one of our existing plans and we can tweak it to fit your individual needs.  Our plan book has been developed over many years and has a large variety of designs that are rustic, traditional, and contemporary.  We also offer you complete design flexibility for your log home.  We can help you create a home design that is totally and completely distinctive for you.  Because nearly all of our log homes packages are either fully or partially custom designed, there is no additional cost for our custom design service. 

  • After a design concept and budget are established, a free computerized log home package quote is done to give you the price of the complete log home package.  At this point, CDI Log Homes will do a complete cost analysis regarding the total cost of your completed log home.   Preliminary Blueprints are begun after you have signed the Custom Log Home Package Agreement and have paid your initial deposit.  Preliminary Blueprints are laser copies size 8.5” x 11” done in CAD.  Once you have finalized your Preliminary Blueprints, we will begin the Final Construction CAD Blueprints. These are usually 2’ x 3’ depending on the square footage of the home.  These prints will show all the necessary information to construct your CDI cedar log home.  Eight sets of Final Construction CAD Blueprints are included with your custom log home package. 

  • At Cedar Direct, we will turn your dreams, ideas, and needs into reality by providing a cedar log home of enduring beauty with unsurpassed warmth, quality and luxury.  Congratulations, you have taken the first important step in building your dream.  Call us today to set up a private appointment to design your dream.

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